How It Works

You purchase a share in any of our investment plans. As soon as your account starts trading, you earn a percentage of your initial investments weekly for the chosen investment options just as in auto trading investments depending on the market results.
The CapitalEdge Account is an investment service that allows investors to make money without trading themselves on Forex, commodities, stocks, or cryptocurrencies. The trading market is very mobile and can change its direction several times a day. For an individual to make a profit from every commodity price movements, you need to forecast the time and direction of each transaction. Thus, need to have a deep knowledge of the Currency, stocks, and cryptocurrency market. Our service opens the possibilities for people who do not have such knowledge or the time to trade by themselves but wishing to make a profit.
The Basic Idea Behind the CapitalEdge Account is that CapitalEdge opens a separate Account for our different investment plans, allocating a certain amount of its initial investment as the Manager's Capital. We will be unable to withdraw from this amount (an additional regulated incentive for us to demonstrate caution in our investment strategy ). This means that we begin making trades on the account using both our capital and the funds of our investors. Profits on the account are divided with equal percentages among the investors, based on their share in their chosen plans. Just like the stocks, the markets are very volatile and our auto trading system is built well monitored to maximize our profits. Therefore most weeks, CapitalEdge will earn much greater than the stipulated profit. However, we will hold the extra income as reserves for days when we do not reach the mark. This will allow us to be fully sustainable for many years to come. And giving profits to our investors.
An added way our investors can work on developing their Account is by bringing in others to join in our venture. When an active investor brings in new investors to any account. They are paid a percentage as compensation for each client they refer. Any CapitalEdge investor can take part in the Partnership Programs after signing up with us.