Our Strategy

Ideas are not enough in the pursuit of successful investments. Our team members share more than a Decade of commitment to pursuing superior returns, applying their talents in fundamental research and advanced quantitative analysis to bring their insights to market.
Operating in a culture of excellence, and leveraging long-term relationships with hundreds of companies and institutions, we move swiftly and deliberately to capitalize on opportunities having the greatest potential.
At Capital Edge, Our investment strategies focus on all major asset classes across the world’s capital markets. Within a broad range of investment strategies, we deploy our capital intending to generate market-leading investment returns.
“We pursue multiple investment strategies on an opportunistic basis.”
Capital Edge seeks investments across asset classes and around the world through a process of bottom-up fundamental research and analysis emphasizing capital preservation. Investment ideas compete for capital based on an in-depth, critical assessment of specific risks and rewards.
Risk is monitored and managed through a rigorous and thorough analysis of each investment and risk management analytics.
Our investment philosophy is based on three core principles, built on years of research and experience. By applying these principles, we seek to deliver sustainable, long-term value for our investors.
Fundamental Investing: We rely on sound economic theory and analysis to help us deliver long-term, repeatable results. 
Systematically Applied: A disciplined methodology underlies everything we do. Our investment process, built over 6 years, is based on a continuous process of design, refine, test, repeat.  
Thoughtfully Designed: In portfolio construction, risk management, and trading, we seek additional value for our clients. Using both qualitative and quantitative tools, we’re meticulous in every detail of the investment process.